The Minister of Finance on behalf of the State Treasury issues the following types of securities:

Treasury Bonds - defined as securities offered for sale on domestic and foreign markets, bearing interest in the form of a interest or discount coupon

Treasury Bills - defined as short-term securities offered for sale on the domestic primary market at a discount and redeemed at the nominal value at maturity

All wholesale Treasury Bonds and Treasury Bills denominated in PLN are traded on Treasury BondSpot Poland.

Treasury securities:
PFI – Polish Fixed Rate Bonds with maturities of 5,10 and 20 years. The coupon is paid annually on actual/actual convention.

PFL– Polish Floating Rate Bonds are issued with maturities of 10 with annually paid coupon. The coupon is based on 6M WIBOR. They day count convention is determined on actual/actual convention.

PZC– Polish Zero Coupon Bonds are currently issued with maturities of 2 years. They are issued at a discount with actual/actual convention.

PTB– Polish Treasury Bills are issued at a discount from par with the 52-week maturities. Auctions of PTB are taking place in single-price auction system, which means that each investor purchases the securities at a price equal to the lowest price among the accepted offers.

PFX– Polish Inflation Linked Bonds. The fixed coupon is paid annually on indexed (inflation linked) principal.