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List of Treasury Bonds quoted on the Treasury BondSpot Poland market


Name ISIN Benchmark      Fixing     
DS1023 PL0000107264    
PS0424 PL0000111191   x
OK0724 PL0000114021   x
PS1024 PL0000111720 x x
PS0425 PL0000112728 x x
DS0725 PL0000108197 x x
OK1025 PL0000115283   x
DS0726 PL0000108866 x x
PS1026 PL0000113460 x x
PS0527 PL0000114393 x x
DS0727 PL0000109427 x x
WS0428 PL0000107611 x x
PS0728 PL0000115192 x x
WS0429 PL0000105391   x
DS1029 PL0000111498 x x
DS1030 PL0000112736 x x
DS0432 PL0000113783 x x
DS1033 PL0000115291 x x
WS0437 PL0000104857    
WS0447 PL0000109765    
WZ0124 PL0000107454   x
WZ0524 PL0000110615    x 
WZ0525  PL0000111738   x
WZ0126 PL0000108817   x
WZ1126 PL0000113130   x
WZ1127 PL0000114559   x
WZ0528 PL0000110383   x
WZ1128 PL0000115697    x
WZ1129 PL0000111928   x
WZ1131 PL0000113213   x
WZ0533 PL0000115028    
EUR0124 XS1015428821    
EUR0724 XS0841073793             
EUR0125 XS0479333311    
EUR0225 XS2114767457    
EUR0925 XS1288467605    
 EUR0126 XS1346201616    
EUR0527 XS1209947271    
EUR1027 XS1584894650    
EUR1028 XS1508566392    
EUR0532 XS2447602793    
EUR0233 XS2586944659    
EUR0136 XS1346201889    
EUR0243 XS2586944147    
EUR1046 XS1508566558    

 Updated: 21.08.2023