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BondSpot S.A. (previously MTS-CeTO S.A.) was established in January 1996 under the name of Centralna Tabela Ofert S.A. (CeTO) based on the initiative of major Polish banks and brokerage houses. Since November 2000 it has been the member of the Warsaw Stock Exchange capital group.

Taking into account the brokerage houses and banks environment integration, in the second half of 2001 the activities of the Company and Polska Giełda Finansowa (Polish Financial Exchange) were consolidated. The Company continued to operate as CeTO. The increased potential turned out to be a material advantage during the development of the Electronic Treasury Securities Market (ETSM).

Moreover, the ETSM success led to significant progress in other areas of Company's activites. In May 2004, CeTO entered into a strategic alliance with MTS group. MTS S.p.A., the electronic market for Italian government bonds and the founding member of the group of MTS markets, was Company's shareholder in the period 2004-2009. In order to reflect the new ownership structure, the Company's name was changed into MTS-CeTO S.A. Currently, WSE holds 96,98 % of the Company’s shares.

BondSpot S.A. is a unique institution in Poland licensed to organize and manage a regulated market  and alternative trading system (MTF) and is also entitled to create  others platforms for electronic trading in  financial instruments.

BondSpot S.A. Areas of Activity:
Treasury BondSpot Poland - a wholesale market dedicated to trading of treasury bills and bonds. It is an integral part of the Primary Dealers System organized by the Ministry of Finance. The Market is based on the latest technologies used by leading debt markets in Europe. The uniform trading system enables international dealers to operate on the Polish market, thus Treasury BondSpot Poland constitutes a part of the pan-European bond platform.
Regulated Market - Trading is operated in treasury bonds and debt securities. listed on Catalyst  market since September 30, 2009. Listing on Regulated Market allows issuers to gain access to an extensive group of investors, especially institutional investors. There are 18 domestic brokerage houses and banks operating on the market.

The bond market Catalyst was launched on 30 September 2009. It operates on transaction platforms of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and BondSpot (formerly MTS CeTO). Catalyst comprises four trading platforms. Two platforms operated by the WSE (a regulated market and an alternative trading system) are dedicated to retail investors; two BondSpot markets (regulated market and ATS) are dedicated to wholesale investors. All platforms support trading in non-Treasury debt instruments: municipal bonds, corporate bonds, and mortgage bonds. The Catalyst architecture ensures that the market can accommodate issues of different sizes and parameters and serve the needs of different investor groups: wholesale and retail investors, institutions and individuals. Execution of transactions on all Catalyst markets is guaranteed by the National Depository for Securities. Issuers are bound by reporting requirements including current and periodic reports.

All instruments put on the market are required to obtain issue authorisation. Authorisation is a condition of introduction to trading. Bonds with Catalyst authorisation status which are not introduced to trading are a new quality on the Polish exchange market.
Authorisation of bonds on Catalyst means that issuers accept reporting requirements set out in the Rules and the issue is registered in the Catalyst information system. Issuers whose issues have not yet been dematerialised may also apply for issue authorisation.

Further information concerning Catalyst available on: www.gpwcatalyst.pl/en-home

You can find there, among others:
- List of Catalyst Participants,
- Information for Issuers,
- Documents for Issuers,
- Application forms regarding Catalyst,
- Information regarding instruments available in the scope of Catalyst,
- List of Catalyst instruments,
- Market Data,
- Regulations,
- Information materials.