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Treasury BondSpot Poland - promotional fees for TBSP Repo participants trading with Ministry of Finance.

We kindly inform that pursuant to article 22.2 of the articles of Association of BondSpot S.A., article 12 point 1.10 of the TBSP Regulations and also section 8 part IV of Annex P of the TBSP Regulations, BondSpot S.A. decided to introduce promotional fees on the TBSP market under the following conditions:

• The promotion applies to transactions where one party is a TBSP participant with Market Maker status and the other party is a Public Investor,
• The promotion involves reducing the transaction fee for classic repo transactions conducted in accordance with the rules specified in § 27a and § 27b of the TBSP Regulations in the TBSP repo market. These transactions can involve individual treasury securities or a treasury securities within General Collateral transactions,
• The promotion entails reducing the fee rate expressed in basis points - bp per annum,
• The promotional rate is set at 1 basis point for all types of transactions, regardless of the repo tenor or transaction type (special repo or general collateral),
• The reduced transaction fee, as per the TBSP Regulations, can be found in Part II. Transaction fees for conditional transaction Repo (Repo Market) of Annex P to the TBSP Regulations,
• The promotion is valid from April 3rd 2024 till December 31th 2024,
• The introduced promotional pricing does not affect other fees charged to TBSP market participants.

TBSP regulations with additional information on the above-mentioned promotional fees have been published in the tab: