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The list of securities eligible for General Collateral transactions:

treasury bonds
PS0721 PL0000109153
DS1021  PL0000106670
PS0422 PL0000109492
OK0722 PL0000112165
 WS0922  PL0000102646
WZ1122 PL0000109377
PS0123 PL0000110151
DS1023 PL0000107264
OK0423 PL0000112900
WZ0124 PL0000107454
PS0424 PL0000111191
WZ0524 PL0000110615
PS1024 PL0000111720
PS0425 PL0000112728
WZ0525 PL0000111738
DS0725 PL0000108197
WZ0126 PL0000108817
DS0726 PL0000108866
WZ1126 PL0000113130
DS0727 PL0000109427
WS0428 PL0000107611
WZ0528 PL0000110383
 WS0429  PL0000105391
DS1029 PL0000111498
WZ1129 PL0000111928
DS1030 PL0000112736
WZ1131 PL0000113213

Updated: 25.02.2021