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Changes in Treasury BondSpot Poland Market Trading and Settlement Practices

Please be informed that Treasury BondSpot Poland Market Trading and Settlement Practices have been changed by the Management Board of BondSpot S.A. 

Consolidated version of TBS Poland Market Trading and Settlement Practices has been published on BondSpot S.A. website: www.bondspot.pl/TBSPoland_regulations_en

The above mentioned changes will come into force as of May 7, 2021 and they are related to implementation of the CCP mechanism on CASH market of TBSP.

The main changes concern:

PR01 - Procedure for suspension of a Participant’s activity on request of a clearing agent or a settlement agent – the possibility to suspend the activity of the participant of TBSP market at the request of the clearing or settlement entity was separated
PR02 - Procedure for handling telephone contacts – updating contact details
PR03 - Procedure for confirmation by settlement agents of the terms of settlement of transactions concluded on the repo market by TBS Poland market participants – procedure limited to the REPO market and the settlement entity in connection with the implementation of the CCP service on the CASH market
PR05 - Format of SWIFT settlement messages for the repo market – removed SWIFT messages sent for the CASH market due to the exclusion of sending such messages for this segment since the launch of the CCP service on CASH
PR06 - Schedule of transmission of settlement instructions to Clearing Institutions and Settlement Institutions – separation of schedules for sending clearing and settlement instructions according to the division: for the REPO market: 4 transmission phases for the CASH market - on line.

Added procedure PR07 - Settlement cycle for the opening leg of repos – limited the settlement dates of the opening leg for the conditional transaction to second business day after the trading takes place (Max T+2) in accordance with the provisions of §10 point 3 of Annex I to the the Treasury BondSpot Poland Market Rules

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