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Changes in Treasury BondSpot Poland Market Rules


Please be informed that Treasury BondSpot Poland Market Rules have been changed by the Management Board of BondSpot S.A.

Consolidated version of Treasury BondSpot Poland Market Rules has been published on BondSpot S.A. website: www.bondspot.pl/TBSPoland_regulations_en


The above mentioned changes will come into force as of April 8th, 2021, subject to the case specified in the resolution of BondSpot’s Management Board no. 43/21.

The above mentioned changes are related to post-audit recommendations of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

The main changes concern:
1) adding Annex J and specifying in it the template of the application for admission to operate on TBSP and the documents that should be attached to the application;
2) introducing the right to appeal against the negative decision of the Management Board of the Company by an applicant entity to be allowed to operate on TBSP (§ 8 Market Rules);
3) introducing an arbitration clause with regard to disputes between Participants regarding the settlement of transactions (§ 39 Market Rules).

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