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MTS – Technology Provider

MTS Group™ is the leading market in Europe for the trading of Fixed Income securities. TradeImpact™ is MTS electronic infrastructure for on-line trading of financial products on the electronic markets. It has been specifically designed to provide users with the following main advantages:

  • Management of large data volumes and transaction peaks
  • Capability of integrating trading platforms from other vendors
  • Direct access by the client systems to the server environment, using any of the communication protocols supported.

TradeImpact has reached the highest level of performance in the Fixed Income industry. TradeImpact’s modularity has allowed MTS to respond rapidly to changing business needs with no significant impact on architecture. MTS offers functionality for Primary Market Auctions, “Click and Trade” activity and negotiation via Request for Competitive Quotes, all utilising the same technology and infrastructure.

For more information please see: www.mtsmarkets.com